• Boston, MA

    America and God’s Will

    Union Square Park, Washington, D.C • September 18

    40th anniversary of the 1976 Washington Monument Speech by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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What Others Are Saying

  • “The Blessing is about creating awesome families and keeping in mind the ideal of love that God always wanted us to experience.”
    -Teresa F.
  • “The Blessing is not just about us; it’s not just about our lives and our kids, but looking at marriage from a bigger perspective of how we affect the world and how we’re doing to perpetuate love and goodness in the world.”
    -Honey F.
  • “We were trying to figure out a way to connect our relationship to God. The Blessing is like having a road map. Having the Blessing elevates you from the whole idea that this is just about you and about your spouse—it centers your marriage on God.”
    -Cliff & Tiff G.
  • “I really believe that this Blessing was a miracle, a miracle that God has given me.”
    -Mikako K.
  • “The Blessing is like graduating school with your best friend and being accepted into a new school of loving and learning.”
    -Tae O.
  • “I feel like my whole life I’ve been waiting for this moment .”
    -James K.

03 The Pilgrimage

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    40 years ago, Rev. and Mrs. Moon came to the United States and emphasized that strong, healthy families are the cornerstone of a strong nation. This year, we celebrate and unite under their vision of an America that will fulfill her intended purpose with God.


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